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Just Dollars Trust is a Canterbury not for profit organisation set up in 1992 that exists to achieve social outcomes by providing small loans (up to $10,000) to help people generate income and employment.

Since 1992 over $1.2 million has been lent and we have helped hundreds of Canterbury people with everything from set-up costs to tools and leases.

The staff and board have a strong commitment to the organisation with a solid core of knowledge, institutional experience and responsibility.

Karen Erkkila has been involved with Just Dollars for a significant number of years.  Karen worked as a Career Practitioner and has a real belief in the value of people working and enjoying the work they do which is a natural fit with Just Dollars which aims to help people generate income and employment.  Karen has over 40 years' experience of being involved in community groups, is currently an Angel Fund Board member and continues to be active in other community activities.
Anne Edmundson has been involved with Just Dollars since its establishment.  For many years Anne has been interested in social justice causes both in New Zealand and overseas.
Julie Adam has a background in marketing and promotions in corporate and non-profit sectors. In 1996 she established the KiteShop which manufactures and sells through its retail outlet and website
Mary Miller sees microcredit as an opportunity for people to generate income.  Mary has been a Trustee of the Just Dollars Trust since its inception in 1992. Mary is also a member of the Angel Fund Wahine Putea.


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